Greys Residential Home

Interested in how we cater for our residents in Woking, Surrey? Our chefs provide wholesome home-cooked meals, made fresh daily, at breakfast, lunch, and supper. We use quality meat from the local butcher and offer an alternative daily menu for different dietary requirements. We can also serve meals at varying times of day to suit the individual. In addition to serving great food, we strive to keep our menus seasonal and carbon-efficient, and we also regularly seek residents’ feedback. Get in touch today to find out more.

Food and Drink Intake

We closely but discreetly monitor all daily food and drink intake to ensure our residents maintain optimum health and weight for their wellbeing. For instance, lots of residents come to us after a fall and if an older person is dehydrated by 10%, they’re at increased risk of falling.


Some residents say that they don’t want to drink and have to get up to go to the bathroom later, but liquid intake isn’t just drinking a jug of water – we provide smoothie and exotic juice tasting sessions, interesting homemade soups, or an ice pop or lemonade in the garden on a sunny day.


We also find an occasional small sherry or Pimm’s (subject to medication risk) serves as an appetite stimulant, so we encourage those extra calories which lead to a better night’s sleep and more fulfilment and engagement the following day.

Mealtime Support

We offer full mealtime support wherever needed and we have menu alternatives for a variety of dietary needs, including diabetic, soft puree, dysphasia, allergies, and cultural choices. We also understand that sometimes residents just don’t like certain foods, so we’re always attentive to their needs.

Quality Catering

Our residential home provides delicious meals for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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